Our most popular process, Stereolithography (SLA) uses liquid photopolymer resins to create solid objects. This process rapidly builds parts with very high levels of detail, which can then be finished with a wide variety of paints or other treatments, or used as master patterns for QUICKCAST™ investment casting.

Our machines have a build envelope of 20x20x23 inches (500x500x584 millimeters), and can build in layer increments of 0.006" (0.152mm) or high-resolution 0.004" (0.102mm). Planar resolution is limited only by the width of the laser beam - approximately 0.010" (0.254mm).

We have two materials available for SLA parts.

Material Tensile Strength
(ASTM D638M)
Modulus of Elasticity
(ASTM D638M)
Flexural Strength
(ASTM D790M)
Flexural Modulus
(ASTM D790M)
Elongation at Break
(ASTM D638M)
Impact Strength, Izod Notched
(ASTM D2240)
Hardness, Shore D
(ASTM D256A)
Heat Deflection Temp
(ASTM D648)
DSM Somos® 9420
EP White
2.5 - 2.9 kpsi 80 - 120 kpsi 3.5 - 4.4 kpsi 110 - 130 kpsi 25 - 30 % 0.82 - 0.90 ft-lb/in 70-74 117 - 122 °F
(47 - 50 °C)
DSM Somos® 11122
WaterShed™ XC
6.8 - 7.8 kpsi 384 - 420 kpsi 9.2 - 10.8 kpsi 296 - 344 kpsi 11 - 20 % 0.4 - 0.6 ft-lb/in ~80 115 - 130°F
(46 - 54 °C)
Our SLA parts have a naturally smooth water-clear or white finish. We can also apply several forms of treatment to these parts to meet your requirements:
  • Painting: Matte or gloss finishes in any color. For best results, specify a brand or formulation, or a PANTONE® color name. Web and display colors are difficult to match in paint, due to the inherently different processes involved.
  • Chrome painting: This unique two-part process produces a highly-reflective, non-metallic chrome finish.
  • Chrome plating: SLA parts can be chrome plated using traditional processes.
  • Vacuum metalizing: A lower-cost method for applying a reflective finish.
Natural finish with
EP White™ material
A chrome plated SLA part A part finished with
chrome paint