Selective Laser Sintering
This process produces plastic parts by heating powdered engineering materials using a high-power laser. SLS parts are very durable, with heat- and chemical-resistant properties that make them suitable for functional prototyping or end use. As SLS does not require bridgework, and parts can be nested on the platform, this process is uniquely suited to Direct Digital Manufacturing - tool-less production of end-use parts.

We use one of the largest and most advanced SLS machines in the industry, the 3D Systems® Sinterstation™ Pro 230. This machine has a build envelope of 20x20x30 inches (500x500x760 millimeters), and can produce upwards of 1,000 parts in a single run.

Our machine uses the popular Duraform PA Polyamide (Nylon) powder material, which produces parts suitable for a wide variety of real-world applications. Other materials are available by special order.