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Selective Laser Sintering: Along with our Sinterstation Pro, which is running Duraform PA, we also have access to the following sintered materials:

Nylon - DuraForm PA
ABS - DuraForm EX
Glass Filled Nylon - DuraForm GF
Composite - Duraform HST

Investment Casting: Ideal for short run and complex geometries. Master patterns from the SLA Quickcast process. A wide range of metals available.

Wax casting molds: Recyclable masters for investment casting. Maximum part size is 10x7.5x7.8 inches.

Polyurethane Casting: From a few parts to short run production into the 100's. A wide range of material options available.

Elastomeric Parts: Rubber parts made on an Objet rapid prototyping machine. More cost effective for doing one to several parts for design verification. There are three materials available; Shore A 27, Shore A 61 and Shore A 75.

FDM-Fused Deposition Modeling: An extrusion based 3d modeling process that utilizes actual ABS or Polycarbonate plastic. Excellent thermal and strength properties.

CAD Services: Complete Computer Aided Design from concept to production. We have access to a wide range of experienced designers in multiple disciplines.

3D Printing - Z Corp: Lower cost method of producing parts. Uses multijet technology.

Direct Metal Laser Sintering (DMLS): Build metal parts directly from CAD data. Four materials available: Bronze, Steel, Stainless Steel, and Cobalt Chrome. This process can build conformal cooling channels in plastic injection tooling. Platform size 9.85 in x 9.85 in x 8.5 in. Material Property Chart

Plaster Casting: Excellent process for short run aluminum casting.

Chrome Plating: Real Chrome plating on StereoLithography parts.

Vacuum Metallizing: a less expensive method of making reflective parts.

CNC Machining: Plastic & REN models

Master Model Makers: Fine printing & finishing, clay sculpting and bench engineering